Food as Currency


Stock up on the most valuable asset you can have in a crisis packaged into bricks that are easy to carry, trade, and store.

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What happens when food is no longer available?


Second to water, food is the most essential thing for survival. Those with a strong supply of food will become incredibly wealthy. Not only will they be able to stay nourished, others who don’t have a food supply will come to them with anything they have in exchange for food. Food will become currency, and it will be worth more than gold.

Now you can get the most nutritious food packaged to last in a convenient brick size to make it easy to carry in a pack, share, trade or barter in emergencies. In a crisis situation, food is the ultimate currency and "Barter Bricks" will be worth their weight in gold, because you can't eat gold!

Worth more than any other asset you can buy. Because you can't eat gold.

  • Nutrient Dense

    If quinoa was the only food you had to eat, you would survive and even thrive. Quinoa is packed with protein and several essential vitamins and minerals. It will keep your family full and provide the essential nutrients needed to survive in hard times.

  • High Quality

    Our quinoa is ethically sourced in Canada, for the freshest, highest quality quinoa you can get. Plus, it's prewashed!

  • Packaged to Last

    You won't find long lasting quinoa anywhere else! Our quinoa is packaged in vacuum sealed mylar bags to ensure it will last a lifetime (or longer).

Quinoa is #1 for Food Storage

Quinoa is a superfood and is considered the most nutrient dense food ounce by ounce. It is easy to prepare, will keep your family full and nourished, and is now packaged in bricks to easily be used for barter. Prepare better with the best food storage option.

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