Are you ready for a crisis?

A major crisis is right around the corner, are you prepared to feed your family when it happens?

Quinoa is #1 for Food Storage

Quinoa is a superfood and is considered the most nutrient dense food ounce by ounce. It is easy to prepare and is now packaged to last in square storage buckets for the perfect food storage option. Prepare to feed your family with the most nutrition possible.

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Why Quinoa?

  • Nutrient Dense

    If quinoa was the only food you had to eat, you would survive and even thrive. Quinoa is packed with protein and several essential vitamins and minerals. It will keep your family full and provide the essential nutrients needed to survive in hard times.

  • High Quality

    Our quinoa is ethically sourced in Canada, for the freshest, highest quality quinoa you can get.

  • Packaged to Last

    You won't find long lasting quinoa anywhere else! Our quinoa is packaged in vacuum sealed mylar bags to ensure it will last a lifetime (or longer).

Prepare Better

Times are troubling with natural disasters happening all over the world and the dollar so close to collapse. It is crucial to stock up on the best supplies to aid in an emergency and protect your family.

Quinoa is high in nutrition as a complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. It provides essential vitamins and minerals such as fiber, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. Quinoa will keep your family full for longer and provide the essential nutrients that you need to survive. 

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