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WHITE QUINOA 16 lbs (case of four 4 lb bricks)

WHITE QUINOA 16 lbs (case of four 4 lb bricks)

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WHITE QUINOA 16 lbs (case of four 4 lbs bricks)

Quinoa Barter Brick -

  • The ULTIMATE Barter item!

Each brick is 4 lb. vacuumed into a food safe Nylon Bag shaped like a brick and is perfect for long-term food storage.  They come in a case of 4 bricks totaling 16 lbs. of quinoa. 

These Barter Bricks are convenient because they are easy to carry in a pack, share, trade or barter with in emergencies. In a crisis situation - food is the ultimate currency and "Barter Bricks" can be worth their weight in gold, because you can't eat gold! (see Genesis 47)

They are vacuum packaged in food safe Polyolefin nylon for long term food storage.  Formed as bricks means they are stackable and take up less space on shelves or in bins. 

The size was designed to fit inside a 2x4 stud wall if you are short on space or just need to keep a stash secret from looters.
To protect each brick it is best to let them be undisturbed until you need one.  The nylon bag is sensitive to heat and sunlight so please keep them in a cooler space (room temp) and out of direct sunlight.

They are ready for storage just as you receive them - just store and go.

Pickup available in Orem, Utah or shipping to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. For pickup in Orem use code PICKUP at checkout and email to arrange a pickup time. 

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