Reasons to Embrace the 7th Seed Quinoa

Reasons to Embrace the 7th Seed Quinoa

What makes us the best quinoa brand? Let us start with innovation and creative thinking that goes beyond simple quinoa transformation processes. At 7th Seed Quinoa, we are continually trying new techniques and testing new ways to use quinoa to its maximum potential.

Our quinoa is:


One of the benefits of getting your Quinoa from 7th Seed includes getting your Quinoa packaged in a 7ml Mylar type bag with oxygen absorption for long term food storage which Protects your food for a substantially longer year than normal shelf life.

Benefits of getting the 7th Seed Zero Oxygen vacuumed sealed quinoa products are as follows: 

Fresher Food for Longer:

The lack of air exposure allows for your Purchased 7th Seed Quinoa last longer for preservation and protection in the refrigerator or cabinet. Our Sealing preserves food by inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus, and bacteria.


Whether in the shelf or cupboard, space for food can determine what is on hand. By getting the 7th Seed vacuum sealed Barter Brick Quinoa food, they can be stacked together on a side thereby saves room for more food items.

Save Money on Bulk or family packs:

Getting the 7th Seed Quinoa gives you a better value for your dollar. Basically, we’re aimed at saving you a lot of money for years by getting our vacuumed sealed Barter Brick Products

Reduce Waste:

Sometimes intention to buy in bulk to save, ends up with food freezer burned or forgotten in the fridge.7th Seed vacuumed packed brick food will not only save you money but also reduce waste by being able to eat these foods, even though it has been stored for an extended period.

No Chemical Preservation:

Our Barter Bricks Products are vacuum sealed Plain without any added additives or preservatives. This gives you the original tastes of the products even after stacked for years in your cabinet.


Quinoa Products at The 7rh Seed Store are easy to handle and mostly efficiently managed irrespective of your preferred way of dealing with our products.

These products are packaged in a fascinating method in which you can handle the product without difficulty or many efforts because it is not complicated to manage or cause problems for you.


7th Seed quinoa is vacuum sealed to preserve your food for longer, when compared to products package in plastic or bags.


7th Seed Quinoa Barter Bricks come in a 4 lb. vacuum packed bag shaped like a brick and is perfect for long-term food storage. These Barter Bricks are convenient because they are easy to carry in a pack, share, trade, or barter within emergencies. 

Our Quinoa Products formed as bricks means they are stackable and take up less space on shelves or in bins. The size was designed to fit inside a 2x4 stud wall if you are short on space or just need to keep a stash secret from looters.


Quinoa has gained prominent among pre described emergencies grain food to have as a rescue plan stacked up food. 

Giving the various occurrence of Natural disasters happenings around the globe, famine has multiple causes Natural disaster, such as an extended period of drought, flooding, extreme cold, typhoons, insect infestations, or plant disease, combined with government decisions on how to respond to the disaster, can result in a famine.

Therefore Quinoa because of its numerous qualities of supplements has made it a bail out food during Famine or Emergency preparedness.

Getting the 7thSeed Quinoa Product is one of the numerous wise choices you can ever made!

Packaged for Easy Mobility, Distribution, Fair trade Barter if needed to in Emergencies. selected, cleaned, classified, washed, dried and color separated. Every step ensures you receive the best quinoa quality from the best quinoa brand!

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