Origins of The 7th Seed

"If you had to live off of only one food, what would it be?"

That is the question that started a quest which ended in the creation of The 7th Seed.

Our research concluded that Quinoa was clearly the answer to that question. Not only is Quinoa capable of providing the needed nutrients to also has the ability to be packaged and stored for Long Term Food Storage making it by far the best food to have during an emergency.

The question to find the best survival food on the planet then evolved into a quest to find the best Quinoa on the planet and make it available to the world. In 2019 as we examined, sampled and tested various Quinoa’s that were coming from all over the planet. We discovered that most of what is claimed as “organic” or grown in the Andes mountains, really were not much more than marketing gimmicks. Although Quinoa originated in that region of the world, most of it is not grown there and most of that is processed through China in the open commodities markets. So finding quality Quinoa was a quest that took several years. 

This ended when we started buying our products directly from the farmer cooperative we deal with in Canada.  They do everything the right way. It is not technically organic, because there is an application of fertilizer applied during the growing season. However, our Quinoa is non-GMO, grown without the use of any glyphosates, and every seed lot is cleaned and tested. It is a superior product even for those with sensitivities to various chemicals use to grow food, and we have clients that purchase our products because they are the cleanest foods they have found.

Our sole focus is to provide quality products – quinoa, and other products that promote health, wellbeing and preparation for the unknown. Although we primarily sell Quinoa, we also custom package other products through our unique approach using commercial packaging technology for barter bricks and buckets for rice, beans, other grains and even multi packs of various products packaged as food kits.

The 7th Seed is a division of Bridal Veil Falls, LLC and is based in Orem Utah.